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Sitekick is an AI landing page builder. It allows you to create beautiful landing pages without the need for coding, design or copywriting skills.
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Sitekick was built to do one simple thing: create beautiful landing pages within minutes. All you need is your business description, and Sitekick will take care of the rest.


Copy, design and code

Sitekick allows you to build landing pages that look like they were written by a professional copywriter, designed by award winning designer, and created by a developer with multiple years of experience.


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Our engine was trained on 1000 highly converting landing pages from multiple industries.

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Sitekick is superb! The quickest way to get a professional landing page. It offers engaging copy-write, beautiful design and great structure. I struggled to put together different people with different skills for a convenient price. With Sitekick I have it all! It recommend me insightful written content that I would never think of. Time saver! I highly recommended it. Really easy to use!
Cristina Najera
Sitekick has helped us leverage our time and creative thinking - giving us the freedom to focus on more important things. Sitekick is THE BEST product we've tested in a long time!
Anton Savostin
Pintar ventura
Sitekick is the coolest thing is discovered this year. It takes the pain out of creating engaging, responsive and SEO optimized website pages for any business. No coding skills needed too, so i can just launch myself, and don't hire anyone to do it for me!
Robbin Schuhman
SEO CONsultant
Sitekick has been a dream for me, it has amazing efficiency. I can use Sitekick easy for myself and even for my company.  Not only we are able to create a new landing page in just minutes and deploy it with the push of a button, but we can optimize our existing pages as well!
Anna Pomarina
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