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All-in-one tool to build an SEO website using AI. Create website, generate keywords, content plan, blog articles, publish content, and rank.

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The only tool you need to start ranking on Google. Create a website, find relevant keywords, generate content plan and blog articles, and publish them. Sitekick eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions to various SEO and content management tools.

High-quality content

Sitekick generates long keyword-optimised well-structured engaging articles. Generate great content and publish it with 1 click.

SEO-optimised website

Sitekick ensures rapid website loading and mobile-friendliness, key factors in boosting SEO performance. It also automatically generates optimised meta tags and tags, enhancing click-through rates and content categorization for a streamlined, effective SEO strategy.

Save time and money

With Sitekick you will not need to hire anyone to do SEO for you and juggle between multiple tools. Streamline article creation and content publishing, and achieve a strong online presence.

Thousands of Happy Customers All Around the World

Sitekick is superb! The quickest way to get a professional landing page. It offers engaging copy-write, beautiful design and great structure. I struggled to put together different people with different skills for a convenient price. With Sitekick I have it all! It recommend me insightful written content that I would never think of. Time saver! I highly recommended it. Really easy to use!
Cristina Najera
Sitekick has helped me save time and money. I'm able to quickly build great-looking, conversion-focused landing pages with just a few clicks of the mouse!
Andy Matthews
Nicely network
Sitekick is the coolest thing is discovered this year. It takes the pain out of creating engaging, responsive and SEO optimized website pages for any business. No coding skills needed too, so i can just launch myself, and don't hire anyone to do it for me!
Robbin Schuhman
Sitekick has revolutionised the way I create landing pages! It's incredibly user-friendly and makes building professional, optimised pages a breeze. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to make their website shine.
Xander Barnes
four hedges
Sitekick has helped us leverage our time and creative thinking - giving us the freedom to focus on more important things. Sitekick is THE BEST product we've tested in a long time!
Anton Savostin
Sitekick has been a dream for me, it has amazing efficiency. I can use Sitekick easy for myself and even for my company.  Not only we are able to create a new landing page in just minutes and deploy it with the push of a button, but we can optimize our existing pages as well!
Anna Pomarina


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee that my website will rank?

While Sitekick we employ  best practices to significantly improve your website's SEO, it's important to note that search engine rankings are influenced by a variety of factors, some of which are beyond our control. These can include algorithm changes by search engines, competition, and user behavior, among others. Therefore, while we can optimise your site to meet all the technical and content requirements for a strong SEO performance, we cannot offer a 100% guarantee that your website will rank at a specific position.

Does Google penalise AI-generated content?

Google's primary focus is on the quality and relevance of content, regardless of whether it is human-written or AI-generated. The search engine aims to provide the best possible answers to users' queries, so if your AI-generated content is high-quality, relevant, and offers value to readers, it is unlikely to be penalised purely for being machine-generated. However, it's important to note that poorly constructed, spammy, or duplicate content—whether created by humans or machines—can be subject to penalties. Sitekick is designed to produce high-quality, unique, and SEO-optimised content that adheres to Google's guidelines, thus minimising the risk of penalties.

Will Sitekick meet my needs?

Sitekick AI SEO is built to be a one-stop shop for all your SEO needs, whether you're running a business, freelancing, or part of an agency. Keep in mind, we're still in Beta, so we're all ears for any feedback you've got to make the tool even better. Not seeing the value you hoped for? No worries. You can ask for a refund within 14 days of your payment. We're all about making Sitekick work for you.

Can I use Sitekick with my existing website?

Sorry, but Sitekick is built to work with new websites that are hosted directly on our platform. This helps us control the end-to-end experience and make sure everything runs smoothly for your SEO. The good news is you can easily customise your new Sitekick website to fit your brand and needs. Plus, you can connect your own custom domain to make it truly yours.

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